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  • Geek In A Box - Vista  v.2.7Geek In A box is a system control board, designed for beginner computer users. With this software a person with absolutely no computer knowledge will have the ability to make changes or adjustments to their computer.
  • Geek In A Box XP  v.2.7Geek In A box is a system control board, designed for beginner computer users. With this software a person with absolutely no computer knowledge will have the ability to make changes or adjustments to their computer.
  • Pen Drive File Retrieval Software  v. drive files retrieval utility restores all types of data such as bmp, mp3, photos and zip/exe files also. USB drive data recovery tool recovers several records lost due to software hardware malfunction, power failure or virus attack etc. Memory ...
  • Geek Superhero  v.1.3Geek Superhero watches your computer for changes, notifying you when something is altered to confirm you want to keep or reject it. This catches many of the changes made by a virus, trojan or worm; protecting your computer from harm. And much more.
  • Real Estate Geek  v.2.4Real Estate Geek 2.4 uses the latest technology and science to emulate functions of a financial calculator.the Real Estate Geek - PDA Real Estate Investment Analyzer takes the next step and generates integrated analysis scenarios for Commercial & ...
  • The Real Estate Geek  v.2.3The Real Estate Geek 2.3 is an advanced program which satisfies you with a comprehensive life-cycle projections for commercial and residential income properties.More than just another PDA application emulating the functions of a financial calculator, ...
  • Computer Squad Leader  v.1.0A computer version of the World War 2 tactical boardgame "Squad Leader" originally published by The Avalon Hill Games Company. Play any scenario against anyone around the ...
  • Tactics Squad  v.1.0Tactics Squad is a real-time tactical game in which the player manages a squad of soldiers in a futuristic environment. It is intended to be a very fun game, focusing mainly on gameplay more than eye ...
  • Tactics Editor for Squad Actions  v.1.2bThe Tactics Editor for Squad Actions (TESA) is a strategy editor for computer games. It is fully customizable and not fixed for use on one particular ...
  • Squad Combat  v.1.0Squad Combat is a cross between an RTS and a third person shooter. Similar to an RTS, teams have resources, units and buildings, but each player only controls one unit.
  • Jolly Crusade of Roaming Programmer Geek  v.1.0A Geek gets pulled into a game world as he is writing a critical review of the game. There, he must go on a quest to retrieve a set of magical items that will allow him to get home. Unfortunately, everything he knows about the genre is wrong....
  • WWIIOL Squad Tracker Server  v.1.0SquadTracker ( is an unoffically sanctioned utility for the online game "World War 2 Online", which allows commanders to track the location of their squad members. This software is a server which supports SquadTracker.
  • Squad  v.1.0SQUAD is software for the dynamical simulation of signaling networks using the standardized qualitative approach. It allows the simulation of large molecular networks in the absence of kinetic data.
  • Geek Office  v.1.0Geek Office is a web based Retail Management app developed using PHP, MySQL.
  • Geek - Package wrap/loader for tcl/tk  v.0.1Geek is trying to provide a framework to help developer use tcl/tk to write and deploy pragram. It can wrap a tcl/tk program to .EXE in windows platform, compile tcl/tk code to TCL ByteCode and the package management is much like java class/jar.
  • Geek Credit  v.0.018Geek Credit is a digital compelmentary currency.
  • Go! Go! Rescue Squad!  v.1.0Join Go!
  • Laser Squad Nemesis  v.3.10The award winning strategy game from the creators of the X-Com series. Play Marine, Machina, Spawn or Grey campaigns against a devious AI opponent, or play online against human opponents in competitions and tournaments with over 100 maps.
  • Galactic Command Echo Squad SEMany years have passed since the Gammulans invaded the sol system in full force and all but decimated the inhabitants of the planetary systems. In their wake, they left a splintered Galactic Command still engaged in a fierce battle with insurgent ...
  • Traffic Geek  v.8.0Search Engine submission software to submit your websites to more than 900,000 search engines, directories and link pages including Google, Yahoo and Dmoz.
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